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THE SUN Nutrition HUB - WHA 2018

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During the 71st World Health Assembly, the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement Secretariat will host a SUN Nutrition Hub, for country representatives and other key stakeholders, to discuss how to increase impact for improved nutrition in countries.

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The 2018 SUN Movement Joint-Assessment
kicks off!

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The 60 Countries and three Indian States that drive the SUN Movement are undertaking the 2018 SUN Joint-Assessment (JAA). It is the fifth year that SUN Countries have been invited to undertake the multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral process that allows for collaboration, discussion, and consensus-building.
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Nutrition Champions 2017 blogs

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Each SUN Movement Nutrition Champion contributes to an increasingly global group of nutrition champions who are galvanizing political attention toward improving nutrition. As champions from all different levels, their advocacy not only benefits their own nations, but their efforts have inspired other countries that are part of the Movement.

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Time is now to Scale Up Women´s Rights and nutrition activism in Africa

International Women's Day 2018

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, three African leaders and activists: Martin Chungong, Dr. Ibrahim Mayaki & Nahas Angula come together to celebrate rural and urban crusaders who have transformed women’s lives and call for more activists to speak up for gender equality to fight malnutrition across Africa


By 2030, a world free from malnutrition in all its forms. Led by governments, supported by organisations and individuals – collective action ensures every child, adolescent, mother and family can realise their right to food and nutrition, reach their full potential and shape sustainable and prosperous societies.

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How do countries join?

Committed countries are at the core of the SUN Movement. Any country working to deliver progress and action to scale up nutrition and respects the SUN Movement Principles of Engagement can join the SUN Movement.

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Online Forum

SUN Movement en-net is a free and open resource which provides a space for informal discussion of topical issues, approaches and good practices in relation to SUN Country efforts in Scaling Up Nutrition.

SUN is a global movement led by countries.

Working together to scale up nutrition in SUN Countries, we are achieving what no one of us can do alone.

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